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Come join the fun with RATBOX and take a listen to their debut EP.. The group displays a collective of sounds ranging form post bop to funk and rock. This musical production is an assortment of tunes that is sure to make your body move.

You can get your hands on RATBOX EP from our Bandcamp . We’ll even let you name your price. Hell, you might as well grab it for free. Tweet it and reap it here at Limited Pressing - 'cause sharing is caring.

If you have never heard RATBOX, let us give you a taste:

RATBOX stems from a place of whimsy and pathos, traveling freely between paths in post-bop, jazz, raw guitar licks, and an electronica fantasy with a bit of off-roading. With music doused in progressive rawness, RATBOX continues to allow the musical journey to be their purpose of exploration, no the destination itself. Fiery keys float on the top of heart-over-head strumming and soloing. These musicians do not limit themselves to a specific, inspirational root, but rather a shared appreciation of the freedom that can be discovered by allowing music to breathe, live, laugh, cry and funk-out. By melting the divisions between jazz, funk and metal. RATBOX radiates a natural cool; they are simmering ball of energy that ebbs and flows and creates a dynamic musical soundscape to relax and/or jam to. Having that choice is what makes RATBOX shine.

Don’t miss out, kids, ya hear?

Pressing Information

Ratbox EP recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Steve Janokowski of Jankland Recordings